DF3080B391D04D92A13B5BCE4FA8F885We are Queenland’s screen printing experts. Boasting over 100 years of combined screen printing experience, Tropic City can create almost any piece of clothing or merchandise you need.

Screen printing is ideal for creating promotional, tourist, retail, festival, community and club merchandise. From a rough sketch, we can create a unique artwork for your business, it is affordable, great for large designs, durable and vibrant.

We can screen print anything, including but not limited to 100% cotton t-shirts, polyester polo shirts, bags, stubby coolers, towels, bar mats and lanyards…


sampleWhat is screen printing?

Screen printing technique that uses a screen with open areas of mesh, that transfers ink as a sharp-edged image onto the garments.

The open areas of mesh are your designs. A squeegee is moved across the screen, pumping ink through the opens areas of the stencil, and directly onto the garments.

Screen Printing involves separating each colour in the design and each colour is printed as a separate layer. Screen printing can be a single colour job, right up to six colours.

The ink is squeezed through the screen and this process is repeated depending on the number of different colours in the design.

screenpGradually the different colours all come together and a design is completed producing a lovely looking, quality and long lasting print.

Please note that each colour is applied using a separate screen, so the more colours you have, the more expensive the screen print.

We use two types of ink, to provide two very different results. Water based inks have a matt finish and leave the fabric soft and breathable, while plastisol inks have a glossy, coated finish which gives the fabric a quality feel.

The more you print of each design, the cheaper the unit price becomes. Screen printed garments wash well and are very durable.

From a rough sketch, we strive to deliver graphic design services with the goal of turning your ideas into your needs.


We are committed to providing the highest quality services, Tropic City looks forward to working with you to create high quality screen printed products in total satisfaction of your needs and requirements.

Pricing is very competitive and you can have custom designed & printed garments from Tropic City, for less than you may think.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone on (07) 4055 3295 or via email at with any questions you may have..